Visa | Christmas Campaign – 2023




Visa | Christmas Campaign – 2023



The Christmas period is a special time. After all, as we all remember, miracles and magic come to us during snowfalls, decorating Christmas trees, and writing a letter to Santa Claus.

And while the kids were making their wish lists, Visa became Santa for the grown-ups and made quite a few Christmas offers for its cardholders. We, as elves helpers of a global company, had to convey all the magic of the offer in content for 4 countries: in the social networks of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, and Georgia.


So what were we to do? Analyze the specifics and characteristics of each market to convey the mood, care, and all the advantages the brand offers to our audience.

What have we done in Kazakhstan?

To remind the audience about the possibilities of Visa premium cards which were especially relevant during the New Year holidays, we created a magical New Year's calendar in the account feed.

9 days before the New Year, we published a grid of 9 posts — closed cells of the calendar,
which had hidden privileges and special offers available to holders of Visa premium cards. Every day we opened one cell and announced the appearance of a new post in Stories. So, in 9 days, the calendar in the profile opened completely, and instead of closed cells, a complete picture and 9 premium privileges from Visa appeared.

How did we do it? The magic of Instagram and no fraud!

Stories with announcements of privileges were collected in Highlights in the previous New Year's design.

What have we done in Azerbaijan?

For Visa Azerbaijan, we aimed to highlight the privileges available to holders of premium cards when traveling: a planned business trip, a long-awaited vacation, or a vacation with the family — Visa will take care of your comfort on any trip!

For this, we made a series of Reels, where we talked about the privileges separately for each card. We decided not to limit ourselves to submission formats, so we chose two at once — fashionable and graphic.

A few weeks later, to remind the audience about the available privileges, we launched quizzes in Stories. The audience was invited to test their knowledge about the capabilities of their cards, and the most active users were contacted personally and thanked for their interest in the brand.

Visa | Christmas Campaign – 2023

What have we done in Ukraine?


For Christmas on December 25, we have prepared a ball with wishes for subscribers. Each of them could make a screenshot and thus get their wishes for the New Year.

What's the trick? In copywriting. Instead of standard wishes for happiness and health, we developed creative and relevant copy for Ukrainian realities. For example, "May the way up the stairs pass quickly" or "May the elevator never break down on the way home."

Visa | Christmas Campaign – 2023

What have we done in Georgia?

For Visa Georgia, we implemented New Year's Reels "New Year is calling". Animated greeting with imitation of an incoming call from the coming year. A special festivity was added by copywriting, in which we offered to pick up the phone to invite warm and happy moments into the hearts and homes of our subscribers.

New Year's communication in Stories continued the theme of the call but had its own interactive highlight. Subscribers had to take a screenshot to find out who would be the first to call them in the new year: a long-awaited vacation, the fulfillment of a long-held dream, a surprise from a special person and a few more pleasant things.

For Christmas on January 7, we created an animated greeting with snowflakes playing trendy Jingle Bells.  We recorded the audio track separately on a synthesizer to make it match the graphic elements perfectly. Christmas beauty in the details.

Visa | Christmas Campaign – 2023

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