How to Become a Good News Brand




How to Become a Good News Brand

How we changed the communication of Safor completely and turned it into a brand of good news.


Safor is a company specializing in personal security. We worked with them comprehensively: we updated the positioning and communication strategy and found a new approach to the brand's SMM strategy.

Within our positioning (Safor — personal security button) and Big Idea, we had to spread the idea of personal security in social networks, taking into account that the typical infofield of a modern person is:

– News in the style of "criminal 90s";

– Dramas on a dark street / in a subway / at the workplace;

– Viber chat of the housing complex with constant messages such as “Who left a strange box in the entrance?” and “Did you hear that a child was kidnapped from school?”

So at the end of the day, we all miss one thing  —  peace and a sense of security.
Safor is your social media safety zone. And our social networks are a "no drama community", a place of your personal peace, and without any drama.


The contrasting color scheme allowed us to easily and casually combine graphics and photo content in the social media feed. We also selected a new font that harmoniously combines with Safor's style. 
How to Become a Good News Brand

The style of the illustrations was the same as on the costumes: a large contour-shape of a fairy-tale character on a contrasting background. And they chose different situations from cartoons related to security and brought them to life in a story.

Social networks of Safor talk about safety visually — at the level of psychological perception  — and communicatively: light avatar and cover, copywriting and photo content — every element of the page conveys the idea of safety and mental balance.
How to Become a Good News Brand

We decided to present basic information through text images: Safor's internal statistics, information about clients who were helped to escape from various dangerous situations, statistics of rescued and registered, etc. We developed our own photo style for Safor — photos in muted but warm shades, necessarily with an orange color accent.

A special task was to show the audience the real heroes of Safor — the security police and the team that works on the other side of the smartphone. And we believe that we succeeded.
How to Become a Good News Brand


What we encountered in the moderation process: the audience did not understand who would defend them. The client's promotional videos featured cars of the national police, and security police came to calls. People only saw the word "police" and began to rush with comments. They did not understand the difference between these two units.

Working with ignorance, explaining and conveying the difference between structuresall this became the main tasks of moderation.
How to Become a Good News Brand

Almost all unsatisfied comments and questions were under the client's promo videos and in private messages, and not in public access. This added job to SMM specialists.

Since people did not know about the security police, initially most of the comments were negative. So we quickly decided to work with the negative to the maximum and not leave it without answers.

More than 75% of the moderation work was devoted to explaining how the security police differ from the national police. After some time, while we were not sending personalized, but more general answers, it seemed to users that chatbots were answering in direct, so there is no point in writing in PM.

Then we changed our approach and began to answer more simply: to give more detailed explanations, to speak as personalized and with humor as possible.

All answers were agreed with the client. Both in the publications and in the comments, it was regularly said that the national police and the security police have different funding, functions and limits of responsibility, and that is why the security police do not come to the call for free.
What worked well in dealing with user negativity and fears:

– simple and extensive explanations,

– “live” tone of communication,

– maximum personalization of answers.

From that moment on, our SMMs began to address everyone by name, to show that we are not answering from a table of ready-made answers, but reacting directly to the request.

Work with moderation made it possible to reduce the degree of negativity towards the brand. We finally convinced the client not to delete dissatisfied comments, but to work with them.

Over time, brand advocates appeared on the Safor pages, explaining to users why they have to pay for calling the security police and that this is a separate unit from the national police. 
How to Become a Good News Brand


1. It is important to react to negativity. You can't just delete and ignore it.

2. It is better not to use answer scripts, or to do it very carefully and personalized.

3. Dealing with negativity helps turn disgruntled commenters into loyal users or even brand advocates who will defend you.

4. Working with companies related to personal security, it is better to communicate in a friendly and simple manner. It is necessary to regularly talk about theses that trigger users — fears, misunderstandings, the system of the application and the police, response time to a call, etc.

5. All communication channels should be subject to the same strategy: brand advertising should not differ from the tonality of communication in social networks.
How to Become a Good News Brand
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