Brand:  Safor



The client has created a product, new for Ukrainian market – an app where you can call the rescue service with one button press. The personal safety system informs all the nearest guard service patrol vehicles, ready to provide immediate assistance 24/7.

Foto: Oleg Batrak,
  • Oleksandr Usyk

    Oleksandr Usyk is an absolute world champion in heavyweight, one of the visualizers and business owners. He says that it’s been a long time since he decided to open his own business that would both bring profits and benefit society.

    Therefore, Grape had to develop a name, positioning and logo of the new brand.


Brand Naming & Positioning

The brand name was developed by combination of two English words: “save” and “force”.
Besides, the brand name is also an acronym that stands for the brand values we laid into the positioning:

  • Be Simple — we are simple in use and laconic in communication.
  • Be Affordable — almost every person can afford us.
  • Be Focused — we trace technologic development and apply the best solutions for the service improvement (tracking, identification).
  • Be Open — we share the principles of ethicality, responsibility and professionalism.
  • Be Responsive — we provide our clients with protection and feedback within the shortest time period.



The logotype was developed by combining images:

  • shield as a symbol of reliable protection
  • geolocation item — wherever the people in trouble are, the help will find them and help them
  • upper case letter of the brand name — S


Project team

Agency team

  • CEO: Yuriy Hladkyi
  • Chief New Business Officer: Ksiusha Sokur
  • Creative Director: Vlad Voitsekhovski
  • Creator: Philipp Paster
  • Designer: Roma Zbarazkyi
  • Account Manager: Ksiusha Pylypenko
  • Analyst: Ivan Skvordiakov
  • Writer: Antonina Panko
  • Production Manager: Katia Oliynyk

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