Brand:  EVA

Cosmetics for you and yourself


Patricia Ledo — decorative cosmetics with French flair, but Ukrainian roots. It is an exclusive brand of the EVA retail chain, which is manufactured in factories in France and Poland and sold in beauty stores.

These cosmetics belong to the category "inexpensive lux". Why? 'Cause you can buy decorative cosmetics that look aesthetically pleasing on the face and in the hands for a very nice price.

Until now, only Heroiky and Cashboiky who visited EVA stores or followed EVA on social networks know Patricia Ledo powders, shadows, highlighters, and glosses.

  • Challenge

    But the day came when every woman had to learn about malachite shadows, golden mascaras, mirror powders, and magnetized tubes of lipstick.

    The brand decided to speak more widely and find its place in the hearts and make-up bags of Ukrainian women.

  • Audience

    • Our ladies are elegant, modern, flirtatious, but at the same time very rational.
    • They experiment, but only with shades of red lipstick, or the length of the arrow.
    • And watch beauty bloggers but before buying, they test everything in the store.
    • They monitor trends and can successfully localize them by buying more democratic brands.

    And cosmetics for them are firstly a way to please themselves even more. To like yourself today, Saturday, sleepy, or romantic.


    Immersed in the search for cosmetic insights, reviews, and gigabytes of beauty experiments, we found one interesting thing. It turned out that, on average, each woman looks at her reflection about eight times a day: at home, on the way to work, several times at work, and after that.

    But the truth of life: when you like yourself, and when you are satisfied with your appearance, then you look at the mirror much more often.
    You do not miss any opportunity to admire your reflection.

    Here's how the idea came about:⠀

Patricia Ledo – cosmetics that inspire you to look at the mirror more often

  • Because you like those elongated eyelashes, highlighter gloss, and red lips.

    And then the slogan:

Patricia Ledo. Cosmetics for you and yourself⠀

Commercials idea

And then the idea of ​​commercials, where our heroines so want to look at the mirror so often, that they do not miss a single object where they can find a reflection.


Any thing, where you can see your make-up, becomes a mirror. And you want to return to your reflection again and again.

Tested the idea a bit:

And went to shoot videos, each of them corresponds with a certain group of cosmetics: lips, eyes, face.

When a bright lipstick is created just for you and even Monday, work or strangers cannot overshadow its passionate shade. Lipstick for you and your reflection on the way to work.

When a deeply expressive eyes and a wave of eyelashes delight more than the underwater world right in front of you. Mascara, eyeliner, and gentle shadows for you and your dreamy reflection.

When you can catch your perfect nude shade and gentle blush in every boutique window. Foundation, light concealer, and cream blush for you and your shiny night reflection.

Patricia Ledo cosmetics became the main hero in key visuals — lipstick, eyeliner, and mascara. Cosmetics, as well as women, cannot stop admiring its reflection.

We emphasized the aesthetics of cosmetics and the different mood of the collections by the changing mood of the sky.

  • Client: EVA

      Anna Gladirevskaya – Head of Private Label Promotion
      Vasilisa Petlitskaya – Deputy Marketing Director
      Anna Grishina – Marketing Director
      Galina Obodets – Director of Private Label Department
      Natalya Bilko – Head of the Department of Decorative Cosmetics Private Label
      Anastasia Bezruk – brand marketer of Private Label

  • Agency: Grape

      CEO – Yurii Hladkyi
      Creative Director & Copywriter – Oksana Denha
      Copywriter – Olha Tkachuk
      Art Director & Designer – Olha Perepadja
      Jr. Art Director – Olha Spektor
      Account Director – Olha Boiandina
      Account Manager – Kateryna Starytska
      Strategy Director – Olena Holovatiuk
      Strategist – Olexandra Tereshchenko

  • Video Production: Adrenalin Brothers

      Director – Sasha Stekolenko
      DOP – Lena Chekhovsky
      Executive Producer – Olha Bielich
      Producer – Anna Tsilitsinska
      PA – Anastasia Shumenko, Kateryna Bielich
      1AD – Serhii Kornienko
      PM – Oleksii Golubenko & Roman Golubenko
      Focus puller – Serhii Sardudinov
      Gaffer – Yaroslav Kutnik
      Camera mechanik – Vasyl Kosyliy
      Casting – EASY Casting Agency, Karin Melnychenko
      Style –, Serg Volniy, Serhii Melnychenko
      Make-up & Hairstyle ¬¬– Julia Kuzmenko
      Art – Oleh Katsan
      Equipment – PATRIOT Rental
      Playback – Arthur Klymenko
      Location –
      POST – Tilt-vfx
      Post Production Producer – Anna Tsylytsynska, Veronika Tabachenko
      Sound – Propeller Studios & Oleksandr Pustarnakov

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