Health and beauty clinic




Health and beauty clinic

Grape updated the identity and communication strategy of Grace clinic.
Brand Strategy

About the project

Grace clinic is the first private medical institution in Ukraine, which began to offer clients a comprehensive approach to health and beauty. Here they focus on the needs and requests of each client and help achieve a balance between the inner feeling of oneself and the external appearance. They do not change a person, but improve him.

In 2007, Grace began work as a plastic surgery clinic, and over time expanded the range of services. In 2021, Grace already had a reputation as a premium or even luxury plastic surgery clinic in terms of doctors, service, audience, pricing policy, with its own property, history and expertise. However, this historical closedness and "elitism" began to interfere with the development of the clinic's brand and business.


Update the brand strategy of the clinic, expand and rejuvenate the client audience. So brand-marketing agency Grape helped the clinic to place the right emphasis in strategy, design and communication.


Visitors to the health and beauty clinic are united by the fact that they always put themselves and their health first: they choose prevention, not treatment, they choose sleep and healthy nutrition, they choose top specialists and modern equipment — they choose Grace.

This is how the strategic message appeared:
"Grace — a clinic for those who choose themselves".
And it received a direct continuation in design and communication.

Health and beauty clinic

The emphasis on the letter "á" in the logo is self-love and one's own uniqueness. After all, when we love ourselves, we always focus on ourselves.
Health and beauty clinicHealth and beauty clinic
Health and beauty clinic
Health and beauty clinic
Health and beauty clinic
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