Gonzo. Small snacks with a great taste



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Gonzo. Small snacks with a great taste

Разом із Gonzo створили комунікацію, яка стала вже четвертою спільною роботою. 
Advertising campaign


At the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the situation in the snack market changed, with international players losing ground due to logistical problems. Instead, local companies came to the fore and increased their competitiveness. People began to choose national manufacturers more which led to an increase in sales.
In order to establish themselves in leadership positions, Gonzo decided to update their communication and test the limits of common sense for the fourth time already.


In 2018, we developed a strategy with which the brand still works: Gonzo are the snacks with the strongest taste. The secret is that flavoring is evenly distributed outside and inside the snack. And so it turns out that taste is everywhere.

In last year's communication, we introduced to the audience snacks that can't be shared. And earlier, we showed a strong and unexpected taste and the breathtaking pleasure of Gonzo.

The campaign of 2023 reveals another side of the flavor strategy. The taste of Gonzo is so rich and crazy that it changes you and even the reality around you. This is exactly what we showed in the new communication, the slogan of which is: 


Do you know the expression "symphony of taste"? We definitely do, because we tasted Gonzo. This is when the taste buds explode. And the head explodes. And you seem to become a snack. You can feel all the spices and flavors. Literally, as if they break out of their packs and rush at you. It sounds like a ready-made video. Oh, look, it's really ready.


Have people started crunching Gonzo more? The numbers say — yes.
In the territory where the advertising campaign was launched, sales increased by 14% in 3 months.
The incredible taste is spreading, and who knows, maybe it will take over the world in the next campaign.

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