Brand:  GONZO


Gonzo is the only snack in Ukraine, which has additive flavoring not only outside, but also using special technology inside. You feel a bright taste as soon as you put a snack in your mouth, but literally in a couple of seconds you will catch up with the real taste of Gonzo. This is the snack’s feature we decided to tell you about. In Ukrainian, the word Gon («Гон») means surprise and at the same time something cool, incredible, strong and a little crazy. This accurately describes the taste of Gonzo. So we turned the product name into its own slogan and creative platform. And then continued gon and shot two videos in which something unexpected was happening in each scene. And it seems to us that this is a real Gooon .... ZO!).




  • Рroject team:

      Agency - Grape
      Director - Yury Gladky
      New Business Director - Ksenia Sokur
      Account Director - Kozlova Kristina
      Creative Director - Aleksey Maksymenko
      Strategic Director - Elena Holovatyuk
      Copywriter - Natasha Tsvietkova
      Junior Copywriter - Anastasia Shago
      Account - Natasha Sportesnaya
      Strategist - Valery Troschilo
      Designer - Olga Perepadya
      Designer - Roman Zbarasky
      Motion Designer - Alexander Sheiko

    • Client - Carpathian mineral waters
      Marketing Director - Ella Tsybulya
      Marketing Manager - Natalia Pavlenko
      General Director - Nikita Nevestyuk

    • Director - Valentin Minchuk
      Operator - Sergey Smychok
      Producer - Serafima Kutsenko
      Production Designer - Ivan Cherevko
      Costume Designer - Anya Levashkina
      Gaffer - Zhenya Malik
      MUA - Lena Dotsenko
      Sound producer - Vsevolod Zolotko
      Playback - Alexander Sofin
      Colorist - Valentin Vernigor
      Rental - Zodiac film
      Postproduction - Chupacabra

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