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MoneyBus — The First Currency Delivery Service in Country

Brand Strategy



There are about 4,000 currency exchange offices operating in Ukraine. Most of them are small, uncomfortable, and doubtful booths. Trips to them do not bring positive emotions, because such an exchange means stress, mistrust, and loss of time. The founders of the company thought about a new solution that would change the nature of currency transactions. "If people go for currency, why doesn't currency go to them?" From these words, the idea of creating the country's first currency delivery in the form of an armored car with a driver, cashier, and security guard was born.
Our task is to introduce the new service to Kyiv residents.


We started with a complete deconstruction of the service, which helped us highlight the main advantages: 
– uniqueness, because there are no alternatives; 
– reliability, thanks to the driver, cashier, and security guard; 
– speed, because currency can arrive even in 40 minutes.

Then we determined who would be interested in the delivery service and why. These are IT specialists, people in manager positions, car racers, crypto-currency traders, and investors. After that, we conducted an interview and noticed that they have a common feature — the desire for comfort and safety during the exchange. That is why ordinary exchangers did not suit them, but they were interested in our service.

From the research, a strategic message was formed — "MoneyBus is the first currency delivery in the country." It became the basis for building a communication system that included video, PR, working with opinion leaders, and targeted advertising on social networks.



To show the primacy of service, we chose the image of a superhero. MoneyBus was thought to be given the superpower to deliver currency. It solves the currency issues of Kyivans with cash or crypto. And it does it quickly and safely. 

It turns out that it's a real superhero. And since all of us in the team are fans of movies and cartoons about superhumans, we decided to make a video in the style of a comic cartoon, in which a MoneyBus rescues heroes who desperately need delivery.

At the beginning of the work, we immediately decided that we needed a superhero voice for dubbing. That is why they chose Dmytro Havrylov, who voices the Ukrainian Deadpool.

MoneyBus — The First Currency Delivery Service in CountryMoneyBus — The First Currency Delivery Service in Country


The graphic story tells about the journey of an armored car — MoneyBus — through the streets of the capital. He promptly responds to money calls, quickly accepts them from any district of the city, and immediately delivers the required amounts of money to offices and entrances.
We filled the video with Easter eggs — from the Mother Ukraine Monument to Comfort Town — because what kind of superhero movie would be without that?

MoneyBus — The First Currency Delivery Service in CountryMoneyBus — The First Currency Delivery Service in Country


In the first month of the advertising campaign, the number of orders increased 5 times. Already in a week of rotation of the video and visuals, we fulfilled the KPI — 15 orders per day. Brand recognition has increased. During 3 months of the campaign, people who were not targeted by the materials still learned about the MoneyBus service. And the most popular comment on the Facebook page is “moneybus-cannabis”. 
MoneyBus — The First Currency Delivery Service in Country

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