Cosmetics for you and yourself

Advertising campaign of decorative cosmetics Patricia Ledo from EVA

Advertising campaign



Patricia Ledo — decorative cosmetics with a French fleur, but Ukrainian roots.
This is the brand of the EVA chain of stores, which is manufactured in factories of France and Poland, and is sold on the shelves of beauty retailers.

Patricia Ledo is a cosmetics of the affordable luxury category. Why? For a rather nice price, you can buy decorative cosmetics that not only look aesthetically on your face but also in your hands. Until now, only heroines and cashboys who visited the store or were followers of EVA on social networks knew about Patricia Ledo powders, shadows, highlighters, and glosses.


After diving into the search for cosmetic insights, reviews, and gigabytes of beauty experiments, we found one interesting thing. It turned out that on average, every woman looks at her reflection about 8 times a day: at home, on her way to work, several times at work, and after it.

But the truth is that when you like yourself when you are satisfied with your appearance — you look at yourself much more often.
You don't miss any opportunity to admire your reflection.
“Patricia Ledo — cosmetics that make you look at yourself more often.”

Because you love those long eyelashes, the glitter of the highlighter and the red on the lips. 

“Patricia Ledo. Cosmetics for you and yourself”

And then the idea of videos came about. They show our heroines who want to look at themselves more often that they don't miss a single thing in which they can look at their reflection. Any object in which they can see their makeup becomes a mirror for them. And it makes them return to their reflection again and again. 

So we shot three videos. Each of them is responsible for a certain group of cosmetics: lips, eyes, face.

In product visuals, the main character becomes our cosmetics — lipstick, eyeliner, and mascara which also cannot be separated from their reflection. The aesthetics of the cosmetics and the different moods of the collections were emphasized by the changing mood of the sky.

Cosmetics for you and yourself
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