Ukrainians as a nation are in pursuit of their history, identity and uniqueness. We are looking for new stories, people, places, and facts to be proud of that we will to be able to discover and share with others using the rich world of technology.

Today, there are different approaches to routes in the country and traveling to Ukraine, but the lack of information and inconvenience of content use are just as important a problem.


Kyivstar as a national service provider is committed to offering Ukrainians a chance to get to know their homeland better with the help of modern technologies. By introducing 3G standard in Ukraine, it opened up new opportunities of interaction with users of functional smartphones through consumption of multimedia content.


With the mobile application Vkraina Travel 3G every Ukrainian can learn new interesting facts from the history of Ukraine. You can visit both popular places and locations hidden from tourists’ eyes to enjoy the beauty and grandeur of historical cities.


The mobile app offers you excursions in the historical centers of three cities, i.e. Kyiv, Lviv and Kamyanets-Podilskyi. Over time, the mobile guide will be supplemented with information about other cities of Ukraine.

The main objective of the application is boosting domestic tourism. Vkraina Travel 3G is made in two languages: Ukrainian and English. Therefore, foreign tourists will also be able to fully appreciate the beauty of Ukrainian lands traveling only with their smartphones.

The application functions allows you to choose one of the several routes in the city. Users can also evaluate the application or a single point on the route – this will help to form the rating of both the entire route and individual locations. All possibilities of the application can be evaluated by users thanks to the new generation technology. It is in the area of 3G coverage that travelers can have access to exclusive, “heavier” audio content, which would be impossible to download or listen to in the 2G network.


Application development, Video production, Technical support
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