“2 in 1” Ultrabook from Intel is a premium device that provides the user with an optimal combination of performance and battery life. In addition, it allows you to instantly switch between tablet and laptop.

In 2014, enough “2 in 1” devices from different manufacturers appeared on the market, but there was no clear positioning in terms of user experience. The situation was aggravated by the economic crisis in Ukraine, the purchasing ability of consumers declined sharply. Buyers became much more careful and cautious in choosing devices.

On the eve of 2015, when even more new, thin, powerful and stylish laptops appeared on the market, the best time came to introduce universal “2 in 1” Ultrabook from Intel, as a “Choice without a choice”.


We decided to draw attention to the “2 in 1” device class of people with an active lifestyle trying to combine work with fun and creativity. These are consumers from major cities in Ukraine who can afford to buy laptops in the price range of more than UAH 10,000.


To distinguish “2 in 1” devices for consumers:

  • To ensure coverage of the target audience.
  • To engage the audience in communication with the brand and introduce products.
  • To stimulate sales of devices for the entire category.


We have studied the behavior of consumers in the process of choosing equipment via digital channels (social networks, forums, reviews on online shopping sites), and came up with the following insight: “People use a laptop when they need to, and a tablet – when they want to.” The modern buyer spends a lot of time on the Internet, researching information and examining reviews about the product of interest. We observed that at a retail outlet buyers are more willing to trust new information that helps to make a decision concerning the purchase. We posted an interactive cartoon in a special section of Rozetka.ua online supermarket. On the store’s website, all users of the “Laptops” section had access to the story from an informative banner. This way, we focused on the audience that was already interested in or studying the range of laptops on offer at the sales outlet. During the project, we used Intel brand page on Facebook to inform people about the project, tell about “2 in 1” device characteristics and let them know about specific models from different manufacturers.


Against the backdrop of decreased purchasing power and barriers to the perception of “selling” and “price” advertising from search engines, media, price aggregators etc., we found an opportunity to distinguish an entire category of devices that are new for users directly on the online store where consumers come to take a decision about their purchase and facilitated the selection process in an entertaining way.

As a result of the sales campaign, we achieved the following indicators: - During the first month of the project, the site sold 441 “2 in 1” devices. - 658 535 – the coverage of users in the project. - 59 035 – the number of users who passed the test and got personalized recommendations concerning devices with the possibility of purchasing them directly from the online store. - Most users would return to the site and participate in the project yet again; the average time on the site was 6:54 and 66% returned to the test to pass it with new behavioral outcomes and personalized recommendations.


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