According to international human rights organization Human Rights Watch(“Uncontrolled Pain”, 2011) and Ukrainian public activists, every year almost 428 thousand people in Ukraine are in need of effective pain medication, palliative care, and alleviation of symptoms of incurable diseases. This also causes suffering of their families and friends; all too often ignorance and indifference of others turn their lives into a continuous cycle of torture. In Ukraine, this problem is largely ignored; therefore, people know very little about it.


Resource was created within the framework of the information campaign StopPain (“StopBol”) to protect the right of every person to a dignified life in spite of their diagnosis, incurable pain and life circumstances.

Pain is not normal and people should not be deprived of their right to live with dignity until the last breath. Therefore, the site's mission is to inform patients and their families that pain can and should be treated, and make the public and authorities aware that pain is still a burning problem that requires a quick and effective solution.


The website of StopPain information campaign should become a tool that helps every cancer patient or his/her family members to get timely and adequate prescription of painkillers. Today, when due to the efforts of activists and human rights defenders, morphine in pills is available in Ukraine, when legislation has been amended, we want to encourage people not to give up and press for prescription. You can live without pain, it is treatable.

Work on the site was being carried out for more than a year, involving gathering of all the necessary materials, studying aid and pressure tools, contacts of human rights defenders, addresses and algorithms related to palliative care

The site provides information on steps to be taken if you are denied painkillers, obtaining legal protection, finding hospices you can contact, and pharmacies that sell painkillers.

Each interested person can join movement “StopPain” and lend a helping hand: to sign a petition to the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, to share your story, to write an article about the problem, or just tell the world that there are difficulties in the treatment of pain that require to be deal with.

The project was implemented with the participation of Ukrainian actress Irma Vitovska, who is no stranger to the problem of pain treatment. The actress voiced the interactive story for the website.


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