By the time of the launch of Lviv Robert Doms brand in 2014, more than 25 national brands of beer were represented in the Ukrainian market, but consumer demand for the product with a variety of original flavors still was not satisfied with the existing brands.

Lviv Robert Doms is a range of beers brewed according to original European recipes introduced to the market in 2014 by Carlsberg Ukraine. The collection was named in honor of Robert Doms, Lviv brewery owner in the XIX century.

Own brewery, history, and a line of unique flavors made it possible to apply the concept of “craft beer” to Lviv Robert Doms. The European definition of “craft beers” is less regulated than that in the US, but it is found in publications about beer*. The essence of the European definition comes down to the statement that a craft beer is a kind of beer created primarily as a result of inspiration and creative process.

*Based on the study “WHAT IS CRAFT BEER?» Http://


Competition among beer brands in Ukraine is very high, including that in the digital sphere. At the end of 2014, only the Ukrainian segment of Facebook included 23 active communities of beer brands with more than 1.5 million subscribers in total. Brands on Facebook were communicating about beer through different themes: beer tradition, Ukrainian traditions, music, traveling, football, entertainment, and beer traditions again... Most beer brands had been attracting fans to their accounts for several years by creating communities that in some brands already exceed hundreds of thousands of users. The constant change of Facebook algorithms, the rise in the cost of contacts and attracting new users posed a barrier but also gave a chance for establishing and developing new brands in social networks with the condoning attitude to the presence of beer and spirits brands. To highlight and create a long-term platform in social media, the new brand had to find its own unique theme that in this case would correspond to the interests of consumers.


The term “craft” has implications of “professional”, “original”, “man-made”. After analyzing global and local trends, we found that the interest in the topic of “crafting” has been on the rise since 2009, being one of the major global trends. Ukrainian users show interest in “handwork”, goods created by craftsmen, unique things that fall under the concepts of “handmade” and “craft”. Users are actively looking for interesting facts about the different types of handwork; they are interested in success stories of small brands, as well as in life hacks concerning DIY production of unique things. Robert Doms Club is a community of crafters, people who appreciate the special attention to the product or create it on their own.


We identified the most important tasks at the stage of launching a new brand in social media:

1. Building knowledge of the brand of Lviv Robert Doms, distinguishing and attracting audience to the community. 2. Creating and fixing a new segment for the brand – i.e. national crafted beer – in the Ukrainian Facebook.


We created Robert Doms Club on Facebook occupying the vacant communications sphere of “crafting” and “handwork” to establish a clear association in the consumer’s mind:

“The attention and care of the best masters to their craft was taken as the basis for creating beer Lviv Robert Doms.”

To form this association via the brand account, we developed a communication strategic plan on the brand platform: - Information about Robert Doms and his principles of operation – to generate knowledge about the product and the character, the personality of the brand. - Sections about crafting and its forms – to develop the communication area of the brand and association with the product. - Success stories, stories about real products of Ukrainian and foreign crafters – to attract attention from real crafters, find opinion leaders and for further work with them. - Sections with interesting ideas and life hacks that help any subscriber to feel like a crafter and do unique things with their own hands. - Product communication: • through bottle placement in interiors and working situations of real Ukrainian crafters; • through creation of unique gastronomic recipes for the entire Lviv Robert Doms beer line – creating a culture of consumption.

To encourage the community growth, we used targeted ads and promotional posts on Facebook. All communication of the brand in social media was organized via the Facebook accounts of the brand.


Following the results of the first 7 months of activity of Robert Doms Club community (late February 2015 – September 2015 inclusive), we attained the following indicators:

• More than 16 thousand people became fans of the brand on Facebook. • During the period of operation, the community 5 times became the leader in terms of growth among all competitors in the beer category. • 1,94% - the average monthly post engagement rate, which is 3.6 times more than the average for the Ukrainian segment of Facebook (0.53%) *. • Since the creation of Robert Doms Club, it has 4 times become the leader in terms of the engagement level among all the competitors in the beer category. • 187 thousand users – the average coverage of the community, where 42% account for organic (free) users. • 75% of all community audience are active users who participate in the discussion and study of community materials.

*According to Socialbakers.


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