Brand:  EVA

Heroika becoming Cashboika

  • Situation

    Eva, it is almost a thousand shops with beauty and home goods all over Ukraine. It's a bright orange design and this song: "Always Eva, always profitable."

    This is the favourite place of heroic women and mothers of the year. These are discounts, benefits and gifts. And now there is also cashback.

  • Problem

    But despite the pink tubes of creams, scented bath foams and fluffy makeup brushes, this business is a real "fight" for the championship. And so, when another beauty retail tries to enter the territory of Eva, she goes out to prove her coolness.


Eva is the number one in discounts, promotions and other benefits. But this time not in cashback. Therefore, she needs to defend her leadership in the market, and we need to create a campaign about the coolest Eva cashback that will surpass the competition.

The audience

Eva calls all women "heroiki". Because every day they do their best for children, husband, girlfriends and colleagues. They manage to complete 100,500 things per day, and at the end — find some time for themselves.

Being heroika means being strong and responsible. Every day our heroiki fight for something, prove to others or try to "deserve". Because they believe that nothing is given for nothing. Especially for yourself. These truths have become so familiar to them that it is difficult for them to live differently and to relate to everything easier.

And even when cashback appeared in Eva, the heroiki go bravely to fight for it.


Heroika becoming Cashboika

Cashboika is a heroika who still finds it hard to believe in the benefits of cashback. And she aims to take her own. But cashback in Eva is the thing they don't have to fight for. It can be obtained simply. Just buying what you already need.

In the videos, we showed the collision of two worlds — imaginary and real. Expectations of cashboika with reality in the Eva store. We are not going to tame the strength and temper of the cashboika, we tell her: "Come for the cashback, cashboika" and spend everything on your beauty.

10-second versions:

But that's not all. Who said that cashboika can only get cashback? After all, Eva is a complex of benefits, consisting of promotions, discounts and gifts. Therefore, we immediately put other profitable messages into the cash bank platform.

Key visuals

Our visuals also have courage. After all, they do not look like what Eva and her visitors are used to seeing. Vivid illustrations emphasized the strangeness of the entire campaign and showed that Eva is ready to change.

  • Agency: Grape

      CEO — Iurii Gladkiy
      Сreative Group Head — Oksana Denga
      Creator — Olha Tkachuk
      Art Director — Alisa Mezhenskaya
      Designer — Olha Perepadia
      Strategy Director — Elena Holovatiuk
      Strategyst — Oleksandra Tereshchenko
      New Business Director — Kseniia Sokur
      Account Director — Olha Boiandina
      Account Manager — Anna Verhai

  • Production: NO STARS

      Director: Serhii Shevtsov
      DOP: Dmytro Nedria
      Production designer: Oleksii Velychko
      1st AD: Denys Shvets
      Executive producer: Ivan Krutous
      Producer: Daria Volhina
      Producer asst: Mariia Tuhai
      Production manager: Mykola Poluden
      Gaffer: Rostyslav Vasyliev

  • Casting: MamaCasting

      Costumes designer: Vasyl Bondarenko
      Make up and hair: Lialia Mudrak
      Sound recording: Serhii Hurevych
      Editing: Viktoriia Dvornikova
      Color: Maryna Tkachenko
      Sound effects : Oleksandr Pustarnakov
      Postproduction: Andrii A.

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