Brand:  UpStage

Communication tuning for UpStage


All manufacturers produce cars with average settings. They do this to meet the requirements of different countries. Therefore, each car has a hidden reserve of 20-30% of horsepower, and some drivers don't even know about.

UpStage is a car tuning company. Only not like in the "Pimp my ride". The guys from UpStage change the engine settings in car's software, increasing horsepower.

The company wanted to show the driver that after chip tuning he can really hear his cars, fall in love with it again, and enjoy driving even more.


One of the main problems – people didn't understand at all what "chip tuning" was. Therefore, we needed to explain the meaning as simply and clearly as possible.

And we created the positioning:

UpStage. Car performance tuning


And the second problem was: why would drivers do chip tuning at all?
After all, most of them thought, as our CD: “Wha-at? I feel ok to drive without tuning."

Therefore, we began to study, ask and listen to those drivers who have already use UpStage services.

Vitalik, Dima and Zheka said:

  • 1

    My car is breathing deeply.

  • 2

    I got the feeling this is a completely different car.

  • 3

    I rode and tested all night. Time flew by so quickly.


After the immersion into the theme, we identified the pattern – the drivers who did chip tuning, simply couldn't tear themselves away from cars.

That's the way we came up with the idea: "Advertising for those who haven't done chip tuning in UpStage yet." Because those who've already done – don't pay any attention to anything.

To begin with, we made the following billboards, which were placed in the main metropolitan points of traffic accumulation:

And other ones to make communication even more fan-friendly:

And stories and posts:

And pre-roll:

And also this case, that only can read the drivers who haven't yet use UpStage service. Because those who did – you know what they do.

  • Client: UpStage

      Vladislav Ryaboshapka

  • Agency: Grape

      Iurii Gladkiy – CEO
      Aleksey Maksymenko – Сreative Director
      Alisa Mezhenskaya – Art Director
      Oksana Denga – Creative Group Head
      Natalia Tsvietkova – Senior Creator
      Oleksandr Malyk – Creator
      Olha Tkachuk – Junior Creator
      Olha Kazakova – Proofreader
      Ihor Hanevskiy – Designer
      Andrii Liubchyk – Motion Designer
      Olha Boiandina – Account Director
      Anna Verhai – Account Manager

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