Brand:  TBI Bank

Tibi mascot

TBI Bank is headquartered in Sofia and provides financial services in Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, Sweden and Poland. The bank is highly focused on customers and small and medium enterprises.


TBI Bank has an ambitious goal to become a digital bank with a wide range of online solutions for consumer financing and SME lending.

And for this, in addition to creating appropriate banking products, the bank also needs to update the communication — to make it more humane and simpler to attract the attention of a new, younger audience.


To implement these plans, the bank decided to create a unicorn mascot. Bank chose unicorn as it is the personification of freedom, magic, life and joy. Fast, unique, and bold.
These are the qualities that TBI Bank strives to develop and improve.


We created 5 mascot ideas. All according to a creative brief, but different visually and in character.


The client chose the character of one, the design of the second and the name of the third. And it was one of the few cases where a combination of three concepts created something cool.

And now — meet Tibi!

Tibi's idea

Tibi is a member of the TBI Bank team. He is a super tech-savvy and is quite well versed in banking. But, most importantly, he understands who the bank's customers are and what they want.

Tibi is not afraid to say that he knows the business better than the big guys from the highest floor. He is not looking for someone's love and is not trying to please anyone. He is what he is: honest, open, cheerful, sometimes firm and ironic.

Tibi is a unicorn of the people who communicate with customers in simple human language, not the language of credit rates and bureaucracy.

Emotions of Tibi

Tibi is a pretty emotional unicorn. And he never hides his emotions and is not afraid to show off. So even if he may seem like a complete "badass" — most likely, you're right, because he can.

Tibi loves cool merch, as none of the working vocab is in it, the only fun and boldness.

And Tibi has his live logo.


In synergy with the client, we created a simple and clear tone of voice and guide for Tibi on how to communicate with a different target audience in different channels — the team and customers of TBI Bank.

If you will move to Bulgaria or Romania, now you know which bank to choose.

P. S. And our project was noted by Brand New / underconsideration 🦄

  • Agency — Grape

      CEO — Iurii Gladkiy
      Account Director — Olha Boyandina
      Senior Account Manager — Maryna Martynova
      Account Manager — Diana Buteshova
      Strategy Director — Elena Golovatyuk
      Strategyst — Oleksandra Tereshchenko
      Сreative Director — Oleksiy Maksymenko
      Senior Creator — Nata Tsvietkova
      Creator — Oleksandr Malyk
      Сreative Group Head — Ivan Holub
      Art Director — Alisa Mezhenska
      Designer — Olha Perepadia
      Designer — Ihor Hanevskyi
      Designer — Arman Enokian
      Motion Designer — Andrii Liubchyk

  • Client — TBI Bank

      Marketing and Communications Manager — Viktor N. Yankulov
      Chief Marketing Officer — Karolina Sofronieva

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