Brand:  Corteva



We were set an assignment to develop the idea of Key Visual for the TANOS agent, popular between the agrarians as a protection of sunflower from a range of diseases. Our major task was to find a simple, accessible and, what is the most important, interesting way of conveying all the benefits of the fungicide in one message. And they are numerous:)


We’ve explored the competitors’ works and understood that most of them use a sunflower as a key component of their creatives. In order to be distinctive on the market, we decided to find another element to convey our message more successfully.

  • We’ve worked out that every true-life farmer dreams of the mighty, healthy and, most important, high yield. Higher than the last year’s. Higher than the neighbor’s. Higher than imaginable.
    But what is the yield? A sunflower is yet another step in the plant’s ripening. And the ultimate yield is sunflower seeds.
    Thus, in the end we had two key components left: a veeery high yield as the most important love of every agrarian – and sunflower seeds. We’ve simply combined these two and decided to show tons and tons of seeds showering all-around.

    In the first option, we’ve featured the open door of the house, completely showered with the seeds.

  • Client: The idea of high yields and tons of seeds is epic win! But we would like to replace the door with something else. Experiment needed.
    We, the great experimentalists, have thought: Okay, if not the door – then, the window.

  • Creative Director: Details are not quite enough. Let’s add some curtains to make it closer to a true-life homeplace. And I want more ideas.

  • So, not by curtains alone – we decided to take it steps further. We’ve thought it through and added more creative – and more seeds.
    We’ve even drawn the perfect sketch:)

So we’ve sent our client two options to choose from instead of improving the first one.

Client: Wow! We prefer the option with the grainery, but let’s replace the water tower with the new one, as this one is pretty tatty. Good yields give good opportunities so the tower has to be “nice as ninepence”.

Upgraded. So it is!

  • Project team:

      Client – Corteva
      Creative Director – Aleksey Maksymenko
      Copywriter – Natasha Tsvietkova
      Copywriter – Oleksandr Malyk
      Chief Business Officer – Uliana Bohomolova
      Account Director – Olha Boyandina
      Designer – Roman Zbarasky

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