• Sokovinka is a drink and lemonade brand produced by Carpathian Mineral Waters holding.

When a new advertising campaign development started, we decided to apply for a new target audience segment – an aged people. It turned out that this is they who love and buy our product, but not a modern youth which all our competitors contend for.
We wanted to speak to Tamara from Poltava who buys an orange Sokovinka for 35th anniversary celebration, as well as to Oleg who sweetens his arduous weekdays with Sokovinka.


There is such thing as you come back home and see bread crumbs or unwashed dishes in the sink. And here comes half-cocked «What kind of a man? Uhhh he will have a bad time! » But as soon as something makes you to think it over and forget, you understand that it`s such a little thing. Now you are breathing out.
That’s why Sokovinka became to be carbonated drink in its new positioning which mitigates stressful situations, makes it possible to calm down and and feel a happy-enzyme flow due to sweet taste.
Cause Sokovinka acts on person as soft and gentle as it sounds.
We declared it in the tagline.
«Sokovinka. Smoothes your anger»
And struggle with different types of anger was shown in two 15 seconds promotional videos.

And then again in two 6 seconds videos.

In addition it was shown that there is an appropriate size of Sokovinka for any anger.
We hope for at least a little anger worldwide decreasing after Sokovinka campaign running.

  • Client: Carpathian mineral waters

      Marketing Director – Ella Tsybulya
      Marketing Manager – Natalia Pavlenko
      General Director – Nikita Nevestyuk

  • Agency: Grape

      Iurii Gladkiy – CEO
      Aleksey Maksymenko – Creative Director
      Elena Holovatiuk – Strategy Director
      Dasha Kyryliva – Junior Strategyst
      Ksenia Denga – Сreative Group Head
      Olya Tkachuk – Junior Creator
      Andrey Lubchik – Motion Designer
      Olya Perepadja – Designer
      Olha Boyandina – Account Director
      Ksenia Sokur – New Business Director
      Anna Vergai – Account manager

  • Production: No Stars

      Director – Eugene Gozheyshiy
      1st AD – Dmitriy Hasanov
      DOP – Anton Fursa
      Executive producer – Ivan Krutous
      Producer – Kostya Galyko
      Producer assistant – Evelina Bialaja
      Production designer – Mykola Kischuk
      Stylist – Dina Golubeva

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