Brand:  Carpathian mineral waters

Taste that can't be shared


For the third year in a row (third, Carl!), Gonzo builds its communication around a key feature — a strong, mega-saturated, breathtaking, crazy, explosive taste.


Since communication must evolve, we could not talk directly about strong taste. More precisely, we could, but what for? And if in last year's communications we already managed to acquaint the audience with the strong taste of snacks, and then reveal its explosiveness, which works even at the level of aftertaste, this year we needed to move on.


When we enjoy something delicious, we want to enjoy it to the end. Every piece. Everyone crunches. But as is often the case, there is a last-minute request to share. And here comes the internal conflict. Because it was as if "God told me to share," but he didn't take into account that Gonzo's crazy taste would have to be shared. And this is simply impossible to do.

Even if it asks to make a monster.
Eeeven if this monster threatens to eat you.
Eeeeeeeeven if you give him a pack of snacks — this is your only chance for salvation.


So all you have to do is run! What we did — ran to shoot bizarre videos with hilarious characters.

And we also made short versions on 6 sec:

And for shops, we have developed pure visuals purely about taste. Yes, just to look — and immediately wanted to crunch Gonzo.

And if you're still here, look how it was happening. And it was — there is evidence.

  • Client: Gonzo

      Head of Marketing – Ella Tsybulia
      Marketing Specialist – Pavlenko Nataliia

  • Agency: Grape

      СЕО – Yurii Gladkyi
      Account Director – Boiandina Olha
      Account Manager – Starytska Kateryna
      Creative Director – Holub Ivan
      Senior Copywriter — Malyk Oleksandr
      Designer — Krendelieva Vira

  • Digital Religion Production

      Director – Valentin Minchuk
      DOP – Maxim Malinovskiy
      1AD – Anastasiia Soviak-Krukovska
      Executive Producer – Julia Kozinskaya
      Line Producer – Kolya Litvinenko
      Producer Assistant – Vika Khmelnytska
      Production Designer – Katherina Kubanova
      Casting Director – Olya Lyubarova
      Casting Assistant – Liza Tsilik
      Wardrobe Stylist – Lena Ignatenka
      Wardrobe Stylist Assistant – Ira Kozenko
      Makeup/Hair Stylist – Maria Pilunskaya
      Location Manager – Viktor Shava
      Production Manager – Alexey Yemelyanov
      SFX Master – Sasha Magdych
      Gaffer – Liubomyr Solovey
      Playback – Maksym Levchenko
      Admin – Victor Karlov
      Focus puller – Sergiy Sardudinov
      Cam mechanic – Kirill Kashpiruk
      Cam mechanic 2 – Anton Shevchuk
      Sound Director – Nikita Galich
      Rental – PATRIOT Rental
      Post Production Producer – Tatiana Buialo
      Editor – Max Grebenyuk
      CC – Olga Korzhynskaya
      Sound – Propeller Studios
      Sounddesigner – Seva Zolotko
      Post Production – Yurii Kochur

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