Brand:  Sibolle


  • Situation

    Our client is a manufacturer of design water bottles of stainless steel, S’bottle – the only company in Ukraine and Europe who makes this sort of water containers.
    They addressed us in 2017 with a request for developing the premium brand, capable of selling bottles at EUR 40 in different countries and anchoring the place in the high market segment yet non-existent in Ukraine.

  • Solution

    We offered the company to launch the premium products and service under one brand name, Sibolle, and singled out three directions: bottle, water and service.
    We've seen the brand's potential in the service business - production of design coolers and concurrent luxe accessories. The water had to conform to the container's quality as well. And this is how Sibolle Alpine emerged – the alkaline water from the Alpine spring.
    We've launched the image-building website, online delivery service, Water Boutique in MANDARIN MAISON (Kyiv mall) and the full-fledged concierge service for our clients.


Sibolle performs a shell function – preserves all the useful properties of the water and allows feeling it to the full extent. The brand idea is embedded into the slogan: “Sibolle. Sense of water”.
We wanted to achieve the feeling of authenticity of the very Sibolle brand through its identity and corporate style. This was conveyed by smooth and transparent forms, colors, taken from the Austrian landscapes, natural patterns and illustrations. For the logo, we preferred the simple and clear image – a drop as a symbol of water and the shell that holds it.



In February 2019, the company has sold 109,000 litres of water for 610 client households. During first 14 months, Sibolle brand had 38 deliveries a day and 22 employees. The sales have, in a month, increased by 9%, and the clients number – by 13%. The brand was recognized beyond Ukraine. Sibolle has received awards on the fairs in Paris, Dubai, Nuremberg, Moscow and Davos.


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