Brand:  SAFOR

No drama stories


SAFOR App was founded in 2017 in England. This company was among the first that introduced the concept of personal protection in the Ukrainian market. Previously, we created a brand strategy, name and identity for SAFOR. And this time they returned to Grape with a new task.

The company has faced the fact that in recent years there have been many competitors who filled the category with not very successful products or just analogues with the copied functionality of the SAFOR application.

And all communication with consumers is through threatening, instilling fear through various situations, when a person may need help.

However, all situations are very typical, so all communication was the same.


Well, if we should change so change. But to become the undisputed leader in the category of personal security, it was necessary to deal with the main thing — with people. With those for whom we together with the client created SAFOR.

First of all, we undertook the analysis.

1. Market or game rules

We are in a market whose players have already formed the definition of a product as a "mobile alarm button". Competitive applications are monotonous, but what's worse — they involve us in price wars, offering lower prices for the same services.
In addition, they communicate with consumers through intimidation, instilling fear through terrifying situations. But all of them are typical, so there is no chance for differentiation.

2. Consumers: hypotheses and realities 

After conducting in-depth interviews and some research, we confirmed our hypothesis that Ukrainians are accustomed to live in an information field where bad things happen more often than good.
Recent hard situations in the country (political, economic, coronavirus, lockdown and others) have only increased public concern. And people want to feel protected and calm regardless of place, time and situation. Therefore, they are not able to perceive the communication of services, which scare them even more.

3. SAFOR: challenges and opportunities

We have a relevant product, but as a brand, we do not differ from competitors. We cannot attract new customers and ensure business growth if we also communicate through intimidation and talk only about rational benefits. We need emotion. And this emotion should evoke a sense of security.

With these three points, we moved on to the next step — positioning reviewing.

So our old "Threat Response Button" became the new "Personal Security Button." By changing the vector and conditions of the game, we were able to differentiate.


What is the most important thing in each story that makes it interesting? This is a drama.
Because it is a tension that gives history an interesting development. This is one of the key elements that underlie the script of any movie, cartoon, TV series, book or story.
It is interesting to watch the drama, not to practice it in your life. After all, in real life, everyone appreciates peace and confidence. Therefore, the stories of people under the protection of SAFOR will never be very fascinating and long, but always safe.

So we made a creative platform called:

Stories without Drama.

It helped us to convey the new essence of the brand and quickly become recognizable in the market.

And for the first advertising communication, we choose well-known fairy tales, where the characters had the SAFOR application installed, so the stories turned out to be very short — such that they can be placed directly on the cover of the book.

So we created fairy Key visuals.

But we went even further and decided to animate them and make short digital videos.

Also, the new platform allowed us to completely restart the brand strategy in SMM.

In just the first two weeks of communication, SAFOR rose from 79th place in the "Business" category in the App Store to 6th.

  • Agency: Grape

      CEO — Iurii Gladkiy
      Account Manager — Kateryna Starytska
      Сreative Director — Ivan Holub
      Creator — Oleksandr Malyk
      SMM Head — Natalia Petryshyn
      SMM Manager — Anna Pelypenko
      SMM Manager — Anna Fedorova
      Strategy Director — Elena Golovatyuk
      Strategist — Oleksandra Tereshchenko
      Designer —Roman Zbarazkyi
      Motion Designer — Ivan Yarun

  • Client: SAFOR

      CEO — Vladyslav Serhieiev
      Product Director — Dmytro Dimenko

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