Brand:  ENSO



  • Kyiv-based developer Enso has approached Grape with its first and large-scale project. To create a new living space was selected 7 hectares, which are literally adjacent to the Pushkin’s park.


  • The peculiarity of the location of the future living space formed the basis of the idea, the name of the brand and further communication.
    So the name Poetica arose in rhyme to Pushkin's park. In addition, in English the word "Poetic" means not only "poetic" but also "having a creative or sensitive emotional style of expression". We also embedded the image of the park in the descriptor and visual style of Poetica.
    The logo was formed by combining the "P" letter and shape of the leaf. We have been involved in the development of Poetica facade design and local sales department.
    The idea of the campaign is to inspire future residents to treat life as a daily creativity.




  • Models of miniature rooms were handmade and prepared for photo and video shoots to literally convey the idea of creating the inner world of a new home.

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