Brand:  Pleskit

4 months, 3 lakes & one Pleskit

4 months before Pleskit

Beginning of April. Purple meeting room at Grape. Pavlo and Ivan from Unit Development come to talk about their new project – 40 cottages near the forest and lakes in Horenka village. What Grape must do? Everything.
Agreement, signature, here we go!

April 16. We go look at the area of the future project. 30 minutes, and we are already in a place that does not look like a city. Wild ducks, lakes, and a strategist who misunderstood the expression "to go to the fields" *. We return to the office with hypotheses and move on to strategy.

*Go to the fields – go offline to study the audience, service, territory, points of sale, etc.


Studying the market of country houses, we understood that the objects distinguished only by the helipad, the yachts-marine, and a few letters in the pathetic name.

But we need something new. What will highlight the future object and reveal its feature – lakeness. There are three lakes: small lake, Blue Lake, and another lake on the right side. It is a feature that one cannot copy.

To express our uniqueness, we have created a new category: not a complex, not a village, not a duplex, not villas – but lake cottages. And we immediately showed it in the descriptor.


After getting acquainted with our target audience and its needs, we realized that when buying a country house, people are looking for what they lack in the capital – clear air, scenic views, distinct habits, and leisure. They are looking for a life that is not like in the city.

May 11. Grape Hub. The first presentation. The client immediately chooses the name and approves the strategy.
● What do we have next?
● Identity, communication, social networks, and a lot of work with renders.
● Let's go?
● Go!

3 months before the launch of Pleskit

And 2 weeks before the next presentation.


We decided to satisfy the core need of future buyers – the desire to escape from the city. And we became a place for everything that is not possible in the city.




We occupy the territory of the lake lifestyle and do everything opposite to Kyiv's routine.


Therefore, even the naming of future cottages has become full of lakeness and typical of this area.
Splash! Here's what you can hear as soon as you're in the area of the village.

When you cannonball into the water – a splash, catch fish – a splash, jump in puddles – a splash, hit the water with a paddle – a splash.

All life on the lakes revolves around this sound. This word immediately appears in your mind.

Ukrainian origin of the word highlighted the name among other foreign neologisms.


The name Pleskit is active. It is about movement, leisure, and pleasure. It is the sound that occurs when you are hitting the water. When any action that causes the splash evokes emotions.

To distinguish Pleskit from the neighboring cottages and villas, we chose the Cyrillic spelling of the logo. This spelling reminiscents the Ukrainian origin of the word and eliminates difficult and erroneous readings of the name.

Our Pleskit is a set of different sounds that one can hear, see, and repeat in Horenka. Various conditions of the lakes and the volume of the blows on the water inspired us to create a live identity.

This is how graphic waves appeared and showed life in Pleskit in different states and phases.

The basis of the palette — the natural colors of Horenka.

Sandy beach, blue water, and greenery around them.

To emphasize the lake lifestyle, we created merch for everything you need in Pleskit.

And we packed all the design products to start the campaign.


All cool projects have to solve problems.
Pleskit helps to escape from the city to a place without traffic jams, asphalt, and neon signs.
It is a secret place where you can escape to from all annoying city things.





There can be many triggers for the disappearance. But the main idea is that Pleskit is a place to let go of all city attributes. With this in mind and a whole list of "audience expectations" by the strategist, we sat down to write scripts.

Honks, sirens, cars, traffic jams, annoying notifications, burning deadlines, city smog, skyscrapers, those hide the sky — there are some problems you want to escape from here and now. And no matter how much you love the city, there will be a moment where you need to jump away from all these triggers to the lake near Pleskit cottages.


Promo video idea

Pleskit exists to disappear from the city for the weekend, month, vacation, or whole life.
When loud sirens sound changes to the birds chirping, you forget the calls with the restless contractor with the first jump into the lake.
When you want to disappear from Kyiv, all you have to do is jump into Pleskit.

The end of May

We present the design and the idea and quickly jump into production.


Time is running out. We write a brief and find a film crew. In just two weeks, our creative director became a film director and debuted on the set. Camera, motor, lunch, filmed. Camera, motor, lunch, filmed.


June 22.

Purple meeting room. Vanya is with a tablet, and Pasha joins us online. We present the montage. "Pop!" – a festive bottle of sparkling wine is opened. The process must go on.

We launch a website for sales, design a fence, visuals… What visuals?

Key visual idea
In the visuals, we continued to reveal the theme of urban triggers. And inside images, we immediately show the solution — the landscapes of lake cottages.

The end of July

The long-awaited launch of Pleskit. The videos are on-air, the billboards are in the city, the team celebrates.

Cheers. Splash. Pleskit.

  • Client: Unit Development

      CEO & Co-founder – Ivan Shchebetun
      Co-founder – Pavlo Koreva

  • Agency: Grape

      СЕО – Yurii Hladkyi
      Creative Director – Oksana Denha
      Copywriter – Olha Tkachuk
      Art Director & Designer – Olha Perepadja
      Designer – Ihor Hanevskyi
      Strategy Director – Olena Holovatiuk
      Strategist – Olexandra Tereshchenko
      Account Director – Olha Boiandina
      Account Manager – Diana Buteshova

  • Production: CLEVER FILMS

      Director – Oksana Denha
      DOP – Maksym Malinovskyi
      Producer: Valeria Koretska / Serhii Karpenko
      Location – Vasylyna Mashtanova
      Casting – Team casting agency
      Make-up & Hairstyle – Inna Biloshapka
      Style – Dina Golubeva
      Playback – Serhii Vylchynskyi
      POST – Tilt VFX
      Actors: Maryna Tsaran, Andrii Merzlikin
      Sound – Seva Zolotko

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