Brand:  Optimeal


Like humans, cats want variety in food. But most feeds are made from chicken. It turns out that poor animals should eat chicken in the morning, afternoon and evening, and so on day after day.

Together with Optimeal and marketing consulting agency Filberry, GRAPE decided to stage a “meat revolution” in the animal feed market. We showed people that pets would be grateful to them if they offered something better than chicken as a “main course”. For example, Optimeal super premium pet food made from lamb, duck, rabbit or veal!

To show the "meat revolution", we shot a story about a cat revolutionist who finally received his award - the delicious meat Optimeal.



  • TEAM:

      Client – Optimeal
      Agency – Grape
      Creative Director – Aleksey Maksymenko
      Creators – Shago Anastasia, Tsvietkova Natasha, Hedulianov Sergey
      Account Director – Kozlova Kristina
      Art Director – Mishenko Andrew

    • Production – BELOESUHOE
      Director – Valentin Mynchuk
      DOP – Serhii Smychok
      Art department – Ivan Ch
      1AD – Kataryna Kotomenko
      Postproduction – Vasilii Goncharov
      Actor – Kataryna Savenkova
      Casting – Alena Lotra
      Editor – Diana Kucher
      Sound – PROPELLER
      Music – Vitalii Rozynko
      Style – Yuliia Graban
      MUA – Marta Rodyk
      Photography – Andrey Demenyuk
      Location – Olesya Mashtalir
      Rental – PATRIOT
      Animals – Natalia Urchishina
      Photo – Polozov arts

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