Brand:  Veres


BACK IN 2019

This is a year and a half long story. In January 2019, we participated in the Veres tender and dreamed to update the brand communication strategy. The client liked one of the ideas, but at the time he was not ready for such changes.

A year passed, and the company called us to the tender again. This time, it's definitely for a brand restart. And we believed so much in last year's idea that we took it and brought it back. And the has chosen it. And it all worked!


Veres is the leader of the canned food market in Ukraine. But the last time it communicated with the audience... well, a very long time ago. It was just busy growing the best vegetables for better preservation.


But the trouble is that today young people do not even understand why this canned food exists, how to eat it and for what. The younger generation thought it being something "grandmother's", "with horilka" and generally old-school. And in "Veres" there are a lot of cool products that you can eat in different ways and add to anything.

It was necessary to change the perception of canned food, to show new ways of eating it, while not losing the warmth and sincerity that is familiar to Veres.


The slogan of the old brand communication sounded like “Home-made delicious”. But what does it mean? For some it's a sandwich with squash caviar, for another – a homemade burger, for a third – a salad with everything in the world, and for a fourth – to eat a whole jar of pickled cucumbers himself.

It turns out that it can be delicious as you like!



In the manifesto, we decided to rethink not only the ways of consuming canned food but also simple human values and traditions. After all, no one but us decides when to marry, how to celebrate, with whom to spend the weekend and how delicious it is for us – at the table and in life.

Full version:

35 seconds:

And two 10-second videos:

What's the most delicious for you?

  • Company — Veres

      Head of Marketing – Maria Boyko
      Category manager – Alexandra Isayeva
      Public Relations Manager – Ruslana Bondarenko

  • Agency — Grape

      Сreative Director – Aleksey Maksymenko
      Senior Creator – Natalia Tsvietkova
      Creator – Oleksandr Malyk
      Strategy Director – Elena Holovatiuk
      Strategyst – Valeria Troshchilo
      Art Director – Yevheniia Onyshchenko
      New Business Director – Ksenia Sokur
      Account Director – Olha Boyandina
      Senior Account Manager – Olha Dovzhenko
      Senior Account Manager – Maryna Martynova

  • Production — NO STARS

      Director — Anna Buriachkova
      DOP — Illia Maksymenko
      Executive producer — Ivan Krutous
      Producer — Daria Volhina
      Producer’s assistant — Solomiia Poplavska
      1st AD — Kolia Perestiuk
      Art director — Mariia Ostrovska
      Stylist — Dina Golubeva

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