Brand:  Nozi



Omaks International has been making legwear since 1997. And while adult products were always produced under individual brand names, kids’ones used to be non-branded.

Omaks legwear for kids was to compete with other similar no-name Ukrainian manufacturers. Besides, the situation was complicated by the imported Polish products with bright noticeable branding and design.

  • Challenge

    To help the client in developing the first Ukrainian brand of kids legwear clearly visible on the shelves.

    So we had to develop the brand name and idea, as well as package design for the entire kids product range: socks, tights and leggings.

  • Brand Idea

    We decided to call it ‘Nozi’! This is the Ukrainian word used by mothers for the legs of their babies. It is their attention we wanted to attract with such a brand name. And to attract attention of kids we developed a toy package with nice characters.


The motherly brand name is accompanied with a freehand letter logo. The letters have soft and rounded forms and the last one resembles a footprint made by a baby. The logotype is multicolored — similarly to kids favorite toys and construction kits.


The brand color range consists of four main and six additional colors. The main ones are used solely in logo, while six additional ones perform multicolor function.


The major branded font supplements the freehand logo. It has the “childish” rounded forms. An additional font is more modest, intended for the brand business documentation.


The pattern symbolizes the dynamic world of the child, his fantasies, dreams. Children's style is clearly conveyed by the color and rounded shapes of all the elements. Generally, the pattern conveys a mood of friendship, concern and a certain softness.

Packaging Idea

12 different packages — 12 characters with their own profiles and features. The characters are divided by 3 groups for different age of kids. Every package contains an insert with a character info, a coloring book and a magnet with its image.



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