Brand:  MHP

MHP Channel

  • Situation

    Everyone has met on the store shelves the products of Nasha Riaba, Bashchynskyi, Lehko trademarks. We trust them and bring them home. But few people know that behind these brands there is a large agro-industrial holding – MHP engaged in making these products and responsible for their quality. Besides, MHP provides working places in the enterprises and farms throughout the territory of Ukraine. So the company has to communicate its activity, share its achievements, innovations and life of the holding with its partners and the market in order to add more people to the MHP life. It can be done promptly and efficiently via social media.

  • Solution

    We've created the comprehensive digital ecosystem (YouTube + Telegram) that will develop the corporate culture among the company's employees and, at the same time, will be the useful resource for the students, partners, business people and those interested in agricultural sphere and innovations.
    We've studied the audience we wanted to communicate with, as well as its interests. As every group needed different content subjects, we decided to unite it under one platform, but divide by several playlist sections.
    This is how the MHP Channel has emerged.

This is the integrated approach to uniting all the MHP content: both corporate and branded. It includes two basic channels: Telegram + YouTube.
Telegram accounts for the entire news-related and informational traffic of MHP, while YouTube accounts for MHP's video content.


The form of the basic MHP logo was included to the channel's identity. We've used the simple geometric figures of different colours that correspond to the sections. They may be combined between themselves making the pattern.
We've used the corporate colours of MHP, though made them brighter and more intense.


We’ve structured and defined the rules of keeping the pages in the unique style. Thus, every video on Youtube was provided with a description, tags, time codes and subtitles to make viewing as comfortable as possible.

Telegram was equipped with the simple search by themes and the video content was duplicated in the text format.

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