Brand:  КОМО


KOMO is the acknowledged leader in the segment of natural hard cheeses, which always listens to consumers and is not afraid to experiment with flavours, formats and packaging.
For example, who released the first nut cheese on our market? That's right, KOMO!


Imported cheese is attacking!

The fact is that imported producers, which are often not only not more expensive, but also cheaper than Ukrainian cheese, began to conquer the Ukrainian hard cheeses market.

And not yet in our favour, various stereotypes come into force. After all, many people think: "If it is European, then a priori better."


But on a side note: it doesn't always work that way.


Ukrainian cheese business is entering into a competitive and unequal struggle with Europe under the laws of the open market from a weaker position. It is a marketing war for not giving up your territory.

So not the only cheese with nut, it was necessary to continue to stand out. Thus, in the summer of 2019, KOMO set a goal to launch an innovative product – captivating in taste and colour. As a result, they decided to expand one of the favourite cheeses – Tenero – and launch in 2020 new products with unusual flavours: "Tenero Basil" and "Tenero Tomato".


The main task of the new communication was to tell about the new "Tenero Basil" and "Tenero Tomato", while not forgetting the classic milky Tenero. And also, to show a variety of dishes which people can prepare with KOMO Tenero cheeses. And there was another essential clarification: "We cannot use the product in non-food situations: do not drop, do not trample, it is not growing in the field."
Such a pity because we were just planning to use the field)))


We decided to reflect the variety of cheeses in the Tenero line in a new slogan: "Milky, tomato, basil tenderness Komo Tenero". As this tenderness has tripled, the number of options for new dishes and flavours has multiplied by three.

And to reveal this diversity, we invented a 20-second video with culinary expert Yevhen Klopotenko in the lead role. In the video, there is a humorous dispute between different alter ego of Yevhen Klopotenko, because each of them likes his (and equally tender!) taste of KOMO Tenero cheese.

Why Yevhen? First, because he is a brand ambassador of KOMO. But also, because it evokes strong audience trust, which in turn gives credit of confidence to the brand and strong arguments in support of the local Ukrainian manufacturer.

And then we adapted the video to digital formats: 15 and 6 seconds.

And we've created a series of delicious Key visuals that are hard to look at and don't want to eat.

And we also recorded such a radio video, after listening to which you only do what you think about cheese.

  • Agency: Grape

      CEO — Iurii Gladkiy
      Сreative Director — Aleksey Maksymenko
      Senior Creator — Natalia Tsvietkova
      Creator — Oleksandr Malyk
      Motion Designer — Ivan Yarun
      Designer — Roman Zbarazkyi
      Designer — Yevheniia Onyshchenko
      Strategy Director — Elena Holovatiuk
      Strategyst — Oleksandra Tereshchenko
      Account Director — Olha Boyandina
      Senior Account Manager — Olha Dovzhenko

  • Family Production

      Director — Roman Jirnih
      DOP — Olena Chekhovska
      1st AD — Alona Kuleshova
      Executive Producer — Anastasiia Bukovska
      Producer — Tetiana Kurmaz
      Assistant Producer — Dmytro Shopin
      Production Manager — Halyna Merzlenko
      Production Assistant — Viktor Pomin
      Production Designer — Olha Zlobina
      Food Stylist — Nataliia Zubenko
      Wardrobe Stylist — Vasyl Bondarenko
      Photographer — Vasyl Bondarenko
      Colorist — Olha Korzhynska
      Post-production — Coffee Post
      Sound — Propeller studio

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