Brand:  Visa / Privatbank

Case without annoying bills


Visa and PrivatBank are brands that do a lot. Just doing without additional words. And when you do a lot of things, you need to talk about it a lot. Therefore, often already known features, which are sometimes worth mentioning, are in line for communication.


We had to remind the audience that in "Privat 24" you can easily pay for utilities and other bills with one finger of your left hand, with a pinky toe, or even with a nose if the housing bureau turns off the heating due to non-payment, and you sit in gloves without a sensor.


When the amount of payments is only growing, we offered PrivatBank and Visa not just to communicate the ability to pay bills, because there is nothing new in this, but to give people something more. Something that will make them get their smartphones and pay for everything through "Privat 24".

  • What if ...?
  • What?
  • If we pay people's bills for one month to brighten up their hatred for the winter heating bills?
  • Then turn on heating and hot water to the maximum, please!

We decided to launch a campaign with a cashback for paying bills so that people were warm in the heart and at home. The mechanics are as simple as possible — you pay with a Visa card, and you can get up to UAH 1,500 in cashback to your account to pay utility bills for the next month. Cool? Yep!


Every month there is a period that no one likes, the moment when a mass of receipts for which you need to pay filled your mailbox.

Did you turn on the light? Pay. Took a bath? Pay. Did you browse the internet? Pay. And for TV, which only your cat or dog watched. And don't forget to help your relatives. And this is a whole bunch of the payments and problems. It's just boring.

In addition, heating and hot water bills in the winter turned us to stone at first sight. And PrivatBank and Visa are cutting them, as Perseus cut the head of Medusa Gorgon.

And we decided to show all this in our video.

(Everything except Perseus. He was over the budget.)

We chose the location also with the reason. We wanted to show that to stack in a line to pay for bills (and such people still exist, believe us) is not great. But to pay for utilities standing in line — great! Especially when it's not the line in a bank but the coffeehouse.

The idea of ​​key visual

Here everything is simple and clean: only the hero and the annoying bills around him.


No one queue has not stood for so long, even for a new drop from Apple.
See how it was.

  • Client:

      Head of Marketing, HO — Victoria Gubina
      Head of the Direction of payments, HO — Volodymyr Polshcha
      Leading specialist in marketing and advertising of mass payments department, HO — Marina Moskalenko

      Head of Marketing, Visa — Victoria Shapron
      Marketing Manager, Visa — Natalia Aleinikova
      Business Development Leader, Visa — Olena Lyutovich

  • Agency:

      СЕО — Yurii Gladkyi
      Client Service Director — Olha Boiandina
      Account Manager — Kseniia Мокіна
      Creative Director — Ivan Holub
      Senior Copywriter — Oleksandr Malyk
      Designer — Vira Krendelieva

  • Production:

      Play Production
      Director – Anastasiia Soviak-Krukovska
      DOP – Maksym Malinovskiy
      1st AD – Kateryna Stebnovska
      Executive Producer – Zoya Soshenko
      Line Producer – Alyona Dorofeeva
      PA – Oleksandra Amosova
      Administrator – Rustam Ivanov
      Production Designer – Masha Khomiakova
      Wardrobe Stylist – Olena Ignatenko
      MUAH – Mariia Pilunska
      Playback – Oleksandr Sofiin
      Making of – Sasha Soviak-Krukovsky
      Gaffer – Maksym Ruban
      Sound design – POSTMODERN
      VFX and Post-Production – Wizard Postproduction & Digital
      Color Correction – Dima Vasylenko
      Edit – Viktoriia Dvornikova
      Location – RNB studio
      Rental – PATRIOT Rental

      Kostya Sorokonenko
      Valeriy Skrypka
      Daria Palahniuk
      Mark Okerene
      Oleksandr Herasymchuk
      Halyna Herasymova
      Oleksandr Burkov
      Svitlana Avramenko

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