Brand:  Heny


The client is in Bratislava, Slovakia, we are in Kyiv, Ukraine.
We don't know about each other yet, but we are waiting for a new cool project. The client sells wholesale chicken meat without branding and packaging. But he decides to create 3 separate lines of new products: fresh meat, marinated for roasting and marinated for grilling. And going to sell these novelties, and there without own brand—in any way.

We undertake one of the most popular types of creative tasks—creating a brand from scratch.

But first is the analysis!

Right, we are not at home. It was necessary to look back at the Slovak market and understand—for whom and what we are talking about.

Our potential competitors turned out to be quite conservative in their communication. For the most part, everyone is talking about the origin, naturalness and freshness of meat or the taste and enjoyment of ready meals.

And what will our brand be about?

Modern international insight

"I need to manage to feed the family with delicious food so that everyone likes it and so that it is at least a little useful, and I don't want to waste all my time. Oh, I almost forgot! I want to stay alive during all these tasks."

You know how that feels, don't you?

And what is a chicken for?
If there are too many complicated things in this world, then there must be something simple and clear! Such as our chicken!

And as our CEO said: "There are many tasks in life, and the only solution is chicken." So, we decided to turn our chicken into a super-solution to all culinary tasks—to make it healthy and useful, to give it a cool idea, a name and to wrap it in a cool package.

That's how Heny came to be!
"Hen" is a female chicken in English, but we added the ending "-y" to form the adverb "heny". Besides, in the Urban Dictionary, "heny" means a bright unique personality who allows himself to be himself.

Our Heny is a super chicken! The assistant, who is always at hand and pleasantly surprises with her cubic benefit: saves time on cooking, is in itself useful and healthy, and still does not harm nature due to its eco-packaging.

Well, just "Wow!" hen! It was this emotion that became Heny's slogan:

To je Kura!

Heny always wants to help, so she looks out of the logo, greets you from the package, and asks to recycle the package.


A logotype is minimalistic, with "soft" rounded shapes.

And there is one secret in it—a small chicken, which can suddenly appear here and there.


The packaging also turned out to be minimalistic and at the same time very bright! Not due to complex shapes or design solutions, but literally due to bright colours.

And if the green colour has become quite common for chicken as an indicator of its freshness and naturalness, the rich orange and purple—not quite typical for such products. But Heny is not just a chicken!

The label with all the required technical information required special attention when designing the packaging. It needed about a third of the package to be left free.

Another limitation in the design was the transparent "window" for the product. It should have been large enough to show the chicken in the best angle, but not enough to show the rest: the liquid and so on.

Such nuances, in turn, influenced the simplicity of the design, which distinguishes the product on the shelves.

This is just the beginning of Heny's adventures in the Slovak market.

To je Kura! To je Heny!

  • Agency — Grape

      CEO — Iurii Gladkiy
      Сreative Director — Oleksiy Maksymenko
      Senior Creator — Natalia Tsvietkova
      Creator — Oleksandr Malyk
      Strategy Director — Elena Holovatyuk
      Strategyst — Valeriia Troshchylo
      Designer — Olha Perepadia
      Designer — Stasia Lutova
      Designer — Andrii Mishenko
      Account Director — Olha Boyandina
      Senior Account Manager — Maryna Martynova

  • Client — EU Poultry

      Marketing Director — Vitalii Tymchuk

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