Brand:  Carpathian mineral waters



During last year’s campaign the percentage level from outlets grew by an avarage of 16% percent. So this year it was made a decision to tell about rich Conzo taste.

As the Grape creative team is mad about rich snacks taste, an offer to make one more video has blown our minds.

But we got it and went to create.


This time we decided to show the whole emotions range of Conzo lovers from the moment of unpacking till the moment of enjoying this favorite taste. Cause emotional explosion starts with a foretaste.

Here you gets the first snack out of pack and realize that you’re gonna to feel its rich taste in a moment. Slabber is filling your mouth and bright images which hot the taste explosion expectations appear in you head. And the closer the snack gets to your mouth, the brighter emotions you feel. And here you bring the snack to your mouth and then – Crunch! Boom! Oh my mind, see you soon!

And the same turned out with our crazy video.

And than we showed that it also can take 6 seconds to blow one’s mind.

Also we created palatable Key Visual and having seen it you’ll definitely want to a pack of mind blowing snacks.


Client: Carpathian mineral waters

  • General Director : Mykyta Nevestiuk
  • Marketing Director: Ella Tsybulia
  • Marketing Manager : Nataliia Pavlenko

Agency: Grape

  • Creative Director: Aleksey Maksymenko
  • Creator: Sasha Malyk
  • Senior Creator: Natasha Tsvietkova
  • Designer: Yevheniia Onyshchenko
  • Account Director: Olha Boyandina
  • Account Manager: Anna Vergai

Production: NO STARS

  • Director: Eugene Gozheyshiy
  • 1st AD: Dmitriy Hasanov
  • DOP: Anton Fursa
  • Executive producer: Ivan Krutous
  • Producer : Kostya Galyko
  • Producer assistant: Evelina Bialaja
  • Production designer : Mykola Kischuk
  • Stylist: Dina Golubeva

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