Brand:  ENSO



Stand out in the real estate market — not an easy task. All developers have already shown 3D illustrations of their objects, they also told about the location, beautiful life in the big city, new technologies and kindergartens nearby.


But FJORD is different. It is not like other prestigious apartment complexes in Pechersk. This is a real rebel among the glass towers and an architectural underdog around the "Concrete Lypky". This is a ribbed, multi-stage and multi-storey complex, where each apartment is not like the neighbour.

Therefore, the visual communication of FJORD must also be different from all neighbouring boards.


The unusual architecture of FJORD has created a dissimilarity of planning — real cascades of apartments inside the apartment complex. Where every layout, balcony, window, terrace — in its own way unique.

What does it give? Many plots for future life in the complex — family, artistic, single or career story. You only see the layout of a three-room apartment with a terrace — and you already know that the treadmill will stand in front of the window, and for "let's have another one" there is a place for a children's room. Because no matter what plans you have for the future, FJORD will have a plan for everyone.

Plans for each plan

Someone chooses planning for family comfort, another for recording future rock hits. People see layouts and visualize life in them. So we found an image for each plan:


Agency — Grape

  • CEO : Iurii Gladkiy
  • Creative Director : Oksana Denga
  • Creator : Olha Tkachuk
  • Designer: Olha Perepadia
  • Account Director : Olha Boiandina
  • Account Manager: Kateryna Starytska
  • Strategy Director : Elena Holovatiuk
  • Strategist : Oleksandra Tereshchenko

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