Brand:  fich

f*ch it!


FichLabs, together with Swiss developers and the best German manufacturer of e-liquids, have created a new product — an electronic device for nicotine saturation — fich.

Fich has features that differentiate it from others:

  • 1

    the thinnest device – only 6 mm thickness

  • 2

    full charge in 20 minutes due to USB Type-C adapter

  • 3


  • 4

    unique flavor — Heisenberg

  • 5

    anti-leakage protection system to prevent leaks

  • 6

    spitback protection system, which prevents liquid to splash into the mouth and allows you to enjoy the process of smoking more

  • 7

    transparent and magnetic-free pod.


The category of devices for alternative smoking is very broad and dynamic: on the one hand, many brands have been actively communicating with consumers for a long time, on the other hand, there is a growing demand for alternative smoking because it brings less harm to health when compared with cigarettes.

It turned out the majority of our competitors primarily focus on the rational advantages of products: quality, innovation, simplicity and ease to use. They talk about where and how it can be used. Show consumption situations. They try to develop an alternative smoking and say that their products are for next / smart generation. In this way, they develop the category, not specifically their brand.
To stand out, we need to differentiate emotionally. Be an underdog and break into the market. To talk about the specific advantages of our brand and to shake up the brand, not the category.


We decided to listen to consumers. People who:

  • use vapes and systems-pods of other brands;
  • smoke or use other products of the tobacco and nicotine market;
  • just started or want to try smoking / vaping (mostly young people).

We were looking for something that could unite them and insights to build a strategy on.
So we learned that consumers are pressured by many external factors (social framework, the opinion of loved ones). But they like smoking / vaping, and they don't want to give it up. And they confessed: "I want to smoke and not make excuses to anyone for it." And it’s true, everybody and everywhere shame smokers, but this is their personal informed choice. And we, as a product, can make this choice less harmful.

"I want — I will!" — here's a message that strategists brought to creators.


And the creative freaked out and issued: "F*ck it!"

That is, "F*ch it!"

Everyone said it won't work? F*ch it! Here's the slimmest device on the market!

They said no one will appreciate this taste? F*ch it! Heisenberg has become a super popular flavor!

People tell you how you should look like? F*ch it! Wear anything!

They said it is impossible? F*ch it! Kiss whoever you want!

Visual style

We realized that idea and slogan require a separate logo and design system for communication — visual codes people will distinguish and remember us.


Ukraine became the first country to launch the campaign, Poland, Germany, Israel, Russia, Canada and the United States are next. And if you say "F*ch it!" people understand it correctly everywhere.

Today communication covers all possible channels and formats: from a website to product and image videos.

Image ads

Product ads

Image key visuals

Product key visuals


Additional materials

Do you think this is too much? F*ch it!

  • Agency — Grape

      CEO — Iurii Gladkiy
      Сreative Director — Aleksey Maksymenko
      Senior Creator — Natalia Tsvietkova
      Creator — Oleksandr Malyk
      Strategy Director — Elena Holovatiuk
      Strategist — Valeria Troshchilo
      Art Director — Yevheniia Onyshchenko
      Motion Designer — Andrii Liubchyk
      New Business Director — Ksenia Sokur
      Account Director — Olha Boyandina
      Senior Account Manager — Maryna Martynova
      Account Manager — Anna Verhai

  • Production — Rafesthetic

      Crew list shooting
      Director — Pavel Buryak
      DOP — Nikita Kuzmenko
      Photographer — Andrew Pilipets
      Producer — Katerina Nefeld
      1AD — Kristina Illina
      Production manager — Ivan Rogalsky
      Producer's assistant — Artur Pantykin
      Stylyst — Sonya Soltes
      Stylyst assistant — Victoria Ditrih
      Production Designer — Daniel Dubrovsky
      Composer — Gera Taraman

      Crew list 3D animation
      Executive producer — Pavel Buryak
      Producer — Katerina Nefeld
      Digital artist — Roman Onufriychuk
      Composer — Gera Taraman

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