Brand:  Echo Park

Echo Park


Kyiv is undergoing active development. The market is oversaturated. The supply is ahead of the demand. In the middle of 2016, fifty nine companies carry out construction works in Kyiv. Sixty two more work in the suburbs. The new-build property is offered for sale in 1265 capital’s residential blocks. All the people discuss are square meters and the price. The real estate units with their own ideology are extremely rare.

  • Objective

    He had to shape a new vector of consumers’ perception of the comfort class accommodation — to break the stereotype that comfortable and good housing must be expensive and located in the uptown districts. The major business objective was selling 100% of the first order apartments (320 on the total) by the end of 2016.

  • Audience

    The core of our audience is the new creative class: IT specialists, designers, musicians, bloggers, restaurant-keepers, startupers and other bright minds, who cannot afford themselves buying accommodation in the uptown so far, but are unwilling to sacrifice their comfort and freedom. We understood — we needed exactly these people to change the beliefs about the district. We rightfully counted that other people would follow.

  • Idea

    We’ve defined four basic motivations of people, choosing themselves a housing they deserve: 1) everyone wants to live in an attractive building with a compelling architecture — Exterior; 2) the building has to be comfortable for living: with well-thought layout, acoustic insulation, parking, all sorts of other conveniences — that is Сomfort; 3) in our times, all people take care of their health and want to reside in the environmentally pristine districts with clean air, vegetation and, preferably, a water body — Health; 4) and the rational choice that is the balance of price, location and infrastructure — Оptimality.

    Having combined all the four aspects: Exterior, Comfort, Health, Optimality, we have called the complex Echo park and developed the new city-planning approach of Echology like a response (an echo) to the people’s needs.


To raise the trust to the project, we delegated the right of complex presentation to its creators: a developer, an architect, a creative director and a head of client services. They were the ones to tell the people on the new city-planning philosophy of Echology. We distributed the video through different media formats and on the developed website of the complex where you can learn about the Echo park in detail.


Having applied the philosophy of Echology, we have created the visual identity of Echo park: the system of infographics, signature style, navigation, printed materials and interiors of the Sales Department. We’ve even changed the colors of the building’s façade.


The website of the brand allowed communicating the brand philosophy and make it clear that the Echo park combines all the basic motivations the potential purchasers of real estate are governed by. The structure of the website was based on the behavioral model, developed by the agency with account of users preferences as to obtaining the information / perception barriers on the websites of developers and residential complexes.

In general, the website allowed the users to study, in detail, the nature of residential program, learn the possible layout options and get acquainted with the pricing policy, as well as documents of the object and developer. Therefore, the website provided the potential purchasers with maximum of information prior to the direct communication with the Sales Department.

Besides, the website also contains a regularly updated information on offers and brand news, as well as the picture galleries of the construction process. The website has a feedback form, as well as an opportunity to request a callback from the Sales Department that allows users to promptly obtain the detailed information they are interested in.


The main outcome of the launched campaign was the sale of 54% of the first order apartments (as of July 2016) within the first campaign quarter — and this is 124% fulfillment of the plan for this period. This shows high level of trust to the developer, as well as correct understanding, by the target audience, of the philosophy and approach of residential complex. The campaign continues proving its efficiency as with the global developer’s plan — to sell 100% of the first order apartments by the end of 2016 — 79% were sold prior to October 3, 2016.

The brand philosophy, built into the name of Echo park, as well as into the emotional identity and personalization, not peculiar to the residential complexes, took a lot of users’ interest. This is confirmed by the fact that throughout the launch campaign, the average duration of session on the Echology page was twice as long as the general duration of the website’s visits.

Project team

Agency team

  • CEO: Yuriy Hladkyi
  • Creative Director: Kirill Chistyakov
  • Data Head: Ivan Skvordyakov
  • Creative Copywriter: Julia Borgulenko
  • Media Planner: Daniel Malukha
  • Motion Designer: Christina Gladka
  • Designer: Andrey Mishenko
  • Technical Designer: Sergey Gubernachuk
  • Client Service Director: Elena Salivon
  • New Business Director: Ksenia Sokur
  • Account Manager: Ilona Medved
  • Project Manager: Roman Gadzhimuradov

Team BD Holding

  • Chief Marketing Officer: Yanina Badach
  • Creative Director: Yuriy Norenko
  • PR Manager: Anna Pilipenko

Video Production: Beloesuhoe

  • Director: Vyacheslav Melnik
  • Production Manager: Elena Perekopayko

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