Brand:  ENSO



  • Naming, positioning, identity and communications for the new business class residential complex in Pechersk district.


  • Kyiv city center, where steak and vegetarian restaurants, night clubs and meditation centers, crowded boulevards and quite pathways of the Botanical Garden, stand side by side, witnesses the development of the new residential complex.
    Two 31-storey towers, minimalistic, compact, without classical columns and gilt decorations on the façade.

    The building needed a name and a story – emotionally close to people who imagine their home nowhere else but in the city center. And Kyiv’s one is definitely worth loving.

Naming Idea

  • The city is multifold. Not unlike the pace and the daily routine of its residents.
    But home is the place where you personally – the night owl or the morning lark, the new mother or the third-year student, the cat or the dog lover - should find your own peace and comfort.

    This is where DIADANS came from: “dia” + “dance” – a dance of double towers that beat time with their inhabitants.

Visual stylistics

What is “living in the city center” about? It is about making it down, dropping over for the pastry and coffee-to-go in the coffee house across the street, walking to the Botanical Garden, then – to the Gulliver for premiere screening, and later in the evening – getting changed and visiting each of the habitual bars, favorably located right along your street.
And these vibrant and diverse rhythms are the reason why we love living in the city center. The entertainment is within the elevator-button-touching distance, the relaxation is right at your apartment.

For the visual story, we needed the form to fully convey the rhythm combination concept. We’ve found it in the Japanese kintsugi – combining several diverse and contrasting items into the organic whole.

We’ve applied a rhythmic line to unite two complex towers and the wavy hill where DIADANS is being built.

We’ve used the identity colors from the materials to be applied in the decoration of the complex hall, front desk and waiting area.


Outdoor advertising

For the first communication wave, we set a task to convey that DIADANS is a great place for living in the city center, irrespective of your preferential living pace – whether it’s business, night or home.

This way the slogan “Rhythms may be different. DIADANS is one for all” emerged.
And these boards were the first to open our complex story telling.

In the second communication wave, we highlighted the possible character types of the complex residents. They are diverse in their taste, their needs, their pace of living. But DIADANS is a perfect place to satisfy the needs of every one.

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