Brand:  Bohdan Ustymenko

Capital lawyer


Bohdan Ustymenko is a lawyer who has been successfully working in the field of criminal law for over 10 years. His main speciality is economic criminal proceedings. First of all, we had to attract new customers and inform the audience about the specifics of Boghan's work.

Even though the market of legal services in Ukraine is developing quite rapidly, the power of word of mouth still plays a huge role in choosing a specialist. People recommend each other a person, not a company. So we decided to build a personal brand. And talk to potential customers through a media advertising campaign.


Bohdan's specialization – settlement of issues related to finances. He protects the property of customers and minimizes the risk of loss or seizure of assets by third parties.

Bohdan became interested in this area at a young age when his family suffered financial and reputational losses due to a court decision.

Given the personal and work background, we decided to differ from competitors precisely due to the specialization of our client. We formulated the positioning of Bohdan Ustymenko as a "capital lawyer".

And the communication about capital was not only about a bank account, securities and property, but about intellectual property, the reputation of a person that also needs protection.


Colleagues and other people knew Bogdan as a defender of money, an experienced troubleshooter, a stable and unshakable person. Who never crosses the line of the law, both in doing business and in protecting his clients.

Therefore, in creating the logo, we used the red line as a symbol of Bohdan's work etiquette.

We wanted to build the image of Bohdan Ustymenko as a person who will solve any financial issues and confidently adhere to his line.

We decided to use a polygonal bear as an additional graphic symbol. After all, it was precisely such an unspoken nickname that Bogdan had among colleagues.


First stage

It was necessary to inform potential clients about the capital lawyer and explain what types of capital he works with in the first stage of the advertising campaign.

We talked about this in a video manifesto.

Second stage

In the second stage, we talked to an audience that may face similar problems. We have created a series of media creatives in the form of postcards.

The postcards depicted countries from which there was no extradition to Ukraine, but there were no normal living conditions there either. Rather than changing your address, we called for a change of lawyer. Change unprofessional one to Bohdan Ustymenko.


We also develop a website for client.



  • СЕО: Iurii Gladkiy
  • New Business Director : Ksenia Sokur
  • Strategist : Olena Holovatiuk
  • Art Director : Yevhenii Ordynskyi
  • Creative Group Head: Ksenia Denga
  • Copywriter : Kateryna Holub
  • Designer : Olha Perepadja
  • Account Manager : Maryna Martynova
  • Project Manager : Kateryna Oliinyk


  • Director: Volodymyr Kalishchuk
  • DOP: Sasha Lubenskyi
  • Producer : Illia Shelpuk
  • Sound : Andrii Borysenko
  • Film Editor: Vania Semak
  • Motion Designer: Andrii Kuchmii

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