Brand:  PrivatBank

Launch of Apple Pay in Ukraine


PrivatBank and Mastercard have launched a service, new for Ukrainian market – Apple Pay. We needed to show the audience the opportunities of the new service, as well as explain and demonstrate how it works. We had just over a week to launch a campaign.


Our preferred solution was using the influence marketing tools: various forms of integrating into content of popular Ukrainian bloggers on YouTube and Instagram. Besides, along with the campaign launch, we started the official PrivatBank account on Instagram as we wanted to use the campaign to level it up.

By attracting opinion leaders, we intended to, pointedly and within the shortest possible time, explain the principle of making payments via iPhone and Apple Watch, popularizing this payment method. This way we’ve told the Ukrainians: “Finally Apple Pay!” in the campaign called “I pay with iPhone”


We’ve engaged the audience of opinion leaders from Ukraine with 100+ thousand subscribers and active response to the content. We’ve split the content of bloggers by the subjects: travel, lifestyle, business, humor, beauty, well-being and food.
We were working with selection of 400 accounts with specification as regards subscribers figure, city, profile header, average response to the post, cost of work by different forms and remarks as to cooperation experience.
The selected authors were given instruction with description of the idea, peculiar features of campaign holding, ways of connecting Mastercard in Privat24 or Wallet apps, details of creating content within a campaign, including hashtags and links for tagging official Mastercard and PrivatBank accounts on Instagram.

As a result, we’ve attracted to the project 33 Instagram bloggers and authors of 9 popular YouTube channels in order to, in different forms, show the audience the benefits of using Apple Pay.
We needed the real-life stories on the situations with Apple Pay use “when one could feel like in the most progressive cities of the world” in the travel facilities, gas stations, one day walking over the city stories, Apple Pay in underground or paying for coffee/food, karaoke in the restaurants, shopping without wallet, moving by taxi.

Each blogger shared their experience of using Apple Pay in the manner, close to him or her: shot a detailed video review for YouTube, integrated the payment process in the theme-related videos of the channel, published situational photos and slideshows, shared the payment experience in Instagram Stories.
While working with opinion leaders on the quality level, we made an accent on trustworthiness and trust in recommendations, as well as controlled the result of creating and integrating the content, while on the quantity level we measured the values of reach and response to the content.


  • On Instagram:

      • we have reached on the total 8+ million users;
      • 3+ million users have viewed our video content;
      • 500 thousand users liked or commented it.

  • On YouTube:

      • Video with Apple Pay integration had 13+ million views;
      • 400+ thousand users liked, disliked or commented the content.

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