In 2014, the Ukrainian beer market kept on declining due to the decreased purchasing power, macroeconomic indicators of the country and the conflict in the east. Due to financial problems, many brands discontinued or reduced their activities; therefore, the resulting media silence gave such a “mainstream” brand as Lvivske an opportunity to play in a new territory and appropriate it.

One of these areas – music – is one of the most popular spheres in the mass communication of beer brands. However, the public didn’t use to associate Lvivske with this area due to the low activity of the brand in this vein. The brand was dominated by associations with traditions, history and culture. Music, though, gave the brand an opportunity to “rejuvenate” and enter the territory of interaction with the audience in a new format.


In 2014, beer brand Lvivske began to prepare for the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the Lviv Brewery scheduled for 2015. In the same year, legendary Ukrainian rock band Okean Elzy celebrated the 20-year anniversary of its creative activity.

The popular Ukrainian beer brand and the most popular Ukrainian band, both having anniversaries, decided to unite the two unique newsworthy events to generate synergy in the media.

Lvivske sponsored the anniversary tour of Okean Elzy and focused on the opportunities to develop the musical territory in its audience engagement communication via digital channels.


The basis for communication was the multi-million audience of fans of Okean Elzy, all those who like and enjoy their work, and intended to visit concerts in all the tour cities in Ukraine. For the brand, it was an opportunity to communicate with the audience on the subject of creativity of the favorite band.


Reserve the territory of Ukrainian music for Lvivske TM:

• To convey the following message: “Lvivske is the only national sponsor of Okean Elzy tour”. • To use the newsworthy event to produce audience coverage in digital channels, generate interest and engage in communication with the brand. • To ensure development of the brand’s social platform based on the promotional tour concept.


Ukrainians know the songs of the legendary band Okean Elzy almost by heart. Many dream to become a part of their creative work.

We have created an interactive project where every Ukrainian could become a direct participant in the grand anniversary tour of the most popular Ukrainian rock band.


We planned to create 10 fan videos from the 1203 words from different songs of Okean Elzy. The faster song words were selected, the faster a fan video appeared to be shown in 5 cities of the second wave of the concert tour of Okean Elzy (Ivano-Frankivsk, Vinnytsia, Sumy, Cherkasy, Zaporizhzhia).

At the project site, users had to: • Select 1 word from 10 songs of the band. • Put it down on a piece of paper. • Make a selfie and upload the photo to the project site. • Invite friends and share the result to be in one video with them.


The project was based on interactive site moelvivske.com and its fully functional mobile version. To support and develop the project in social media, we updated the index page of the brand in Facebook, where we published posters, project news, ready videos from users and the best samples of user design of words from the songs. All user generated fan videos were posted on the brand channel in Youtube.

Versatility of the mechanism and project placement on a separate promotional website made it possible to log in for users from any social network or directly from their smartphones to take part in the project and share the result via social networks.

To attract users, we used targeted ads on Facebook.

11 of the largest fan communities of Okean Elzy in VK posted project ads and the promotional video visualizing the mechanics.

The mechanics of sponsorship was based on the audience engagement through the creation of user-generated content and interactive mechanisms on the basis of Okean Elzy’s songs. In addition, at the concerts, all photos with hashtag #mOE_Lvivske and the user-generated project video was shown on the stadium screens where the band performed in the second wave of the band anniversary tour.


As a result of the campaign implemented, we exceeded all planned KPI's; what’s more, we managed to establish a benchmark for digital activities of Lvivske brand and the entire market applying the mechanics based on high-quality user-generated content (UGC)*:

- More than 1 million – the coverage of users in the project. - 27 online resources, including the media and fan sites of Okean Elzy with the total daily audience of more than 200 thousand users highlighted the joint interactive project of Lvivske and Okean Elzy. - 43% of all traffic on the project site is the result of a viral effect. - 30,569 views of user-generated videos with song words during the project on the Youtube brand channel. - 91 thousand people watched user-generated fan videos of the project on screens before the band’s performance in the five cities of the second tour. - 2,314 new fans joined the community of Lvivske brand on Facebook during the project.

Following the results of 2014, Lvivske became the most popular beer among Ukrainian users of social media according to the survey “National Beer of Ukraine 2014” held by monitoring company YouScan.

Project participants turned out to be highly engaged, they competed for song words, created unique compositions from play-dough, graphics and staged photos. Ukrainian designers and illustrators also joined the project. Therefore, we managed to collect really high-quality user-generated content, which is often a problem in the majority of UGC-projects. In some tour cities, users created their own videos from songs and activated flash mobs attracting hundreds of participants to songs that were not posted on the project website.


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